The Odd Rocket is a level from The Land Of Odd.

About This LevelsEdit



At the start of the level, simply head right. See a short cutscene and grab the item. Use it to shoot the targets as told by touching the screen. Then use rockets to reach targets. Once that's done, continue to the right.

Use a rocket on the pink goo to get the bounce pad to go down. Jump on it and use another rocket to destroy the next goo. Past the checkpoint, shoot hte pink and continue heading right.

Jump onto the bounce pad platform and shoot the pink stuff holding it in place. It will move back a bit so then use the pad so you can jump up to the green ground above. Rocket at the goo to open the platform above you, then jump up through it.

Head right and rocket the goo again to move a platform down to you. Run right and shoot at the enemies in the area. With them taken care of, a short cutscene plays. Continue heading right, walk onto the bounce pad, and continue right. Jump onto the moving platform then jump off to the right area.

An enemy will shot pink goo at you so shoot back at it and hit it. Proceed right, shoot the pink goo, and that will move the bounce pad down so you can reach it. Jump on it, then the next bounce pad, and go right. There will be another pad and more pink goo so shoot it again. Then jump on the pad, the next pad, and land up higher. By another bounce pad there is another shooting machine so rocket it before jumping up.

Then go left, jump on two platforms, and head up to the main one. Rocket at more goo to make a platform shift down so you can walk on it. Heading left you will reach a platform and also some more pink goo sticking to stuff. Rocket it to split platforms and be able to jump on both of them.

Shoot more goo, wander through the pass to the left, and hten continue left past the checkpoint. With another enemy in the way simply guide a rocket to it. Then use the bounce pad to jump up above the checkpoint. THen go right a bit and back to the other bounce pad and head up.

With a large ball up on a hill shoot at it through the center. Then the ball will roll down so you can walk through it. Continue heading right and then come across more enemies. Shoot them up then then a paltform moves down. Walk right across it.

Shoot some pink goo and that will move a platform. Jump on the bounce pad on the ground, then to the newly opened one. Shoot the goo on the left, then use the bounce pad you're standing on to reach the other. Then jump up to the new section and head right.

Shoot the enemy spewing goo at you with a rocket. Then it's safe to jump to the platform and get onto the bounce pad. use it, then head right. Shoot a rocket into the ball you come across so it rolls down, then walk through the center of it.

Use a rocket near the edge of the platform to manuever to reach the pink goo. This will open up a bounce pad so get on it and use it. Proceed right and onto the bunch of bounce pads. Use them when things are in your way to jump over them. When you reach the big platform then jump onto it and use the bounce pad. Once on the upper left ledge, shoot the goo.

From here use the newly fallen platform to go right. Then drop down onto the moving platform with lots of bounce pads. Jump off once you reach the next big platform. Be sure to run across it carefully so to not get smushed by the moving blocks. Then get back onto the moving bounce pad platform.

Jump up off it again once at another big platform. Shoot the goo above the bounce pads, then use them to jump up and left. Then jump right, shoot another bit of goo, and head down. This will elad you back to the moving platform. Then ride it until it finally stops and jump to the plaftorm and head right. Then the level will be completed.