Sack Poncho

Story Mode Costume

Theme: The Canyon
No. parts: 3

Found in:

Sack Poncho is a costume obtained in LittleBigPlanet's story mode. It's just what Sackboy needs to endure the scorching days and frigid nights of The Canyons!


Long MoustacheEdit

This rugged facial hair is found in a prize bubble at the beginning of Boom Town.

Red PonchoEdit

This classic coat is also contained in a prize bubble early in Boom Town.

Sombrero HatEdit

This iconic headwear is among the bubbly treasures at the start of Boom Town. Its name translates to "hat hat"!


Sack Poncho also appears as a sticker with the same name.

Other AppearancesEdit

Sack Poncho can also be found in the real world as a piece of physical merchandise. Sackboy Superstars Series 1 by Underground Toys reimagines this attire as a 5 centimetre-tall plastic model. Sack Poncho becomes the toy line's representative for Mexico.