Piano of Peril is a boss encounter and the first you will have faced. You'll advance to this level after completing the La Marionetta level Palace of the Peculiar. is a level from La Marionetta.

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This boss is actually fairly simple once you get the hang of it. To start, you'll notice that all the keys you're standing on are touch-enabled. If you touch a key on the piano, the accordian will fly over and then slam onto where it was, so touch a key that is away from your Sackperson. When he attacks the keys, his hat will come off to reveal his exposed brain, and sending out a wave that ripples over the keys. Use this ripple to launch up into the air and land on top of his brain. If you're having trouble getting enough height or distance, try jumping as the key lifts you up to get more air.

If you take too long to use the touch keys, then the keys will turn white and his bellows (or mouth) will open. If you're standing under him while his mouth is open, he'll rise up and slam onto the keys himself. You can't attack him like this because his hat is still on, so you'll just have to get out of the way. After one attack like this the keys will turn blue again so you can have another go.

After getting two hits in, he will start sending out waves that set the keys of the piano on fire. To avoid them, notice how the accordian slams onto a wall and how the wave behaves. If he slams the left wall, then the fire will travel from left to right across the keys, and vice versa if he slams the right wall. Keep an eye on his movements to predict which wall he will slam, and stay in the middle of the piano so that you aren't caught out. After sending out two shockwaves, the keys will turn blue and become touch enabled again, so use the strategy learnt earlier.

Once two more hits are in, he will send out fire shockwaves four more times, and then move on to attacking you twice while the keys are white and having his hat on (like he did earlier if you didn't use the touch keys quickly enough). Try to be on the move when you pass under him so that he doesn't squash you. After two slams the keys will turn blue again, so hit him once more.

After doing that, the camera will focus on the accordian and reveal that he no longer has a hat covering his brain, signalling that you can no longer use the touch keys method to defeat him. He'll then start attacking with the fire waves, so jump over all four of them. After this he'll apply the track-and-slam method of attack explained in the last paragraph, so use the shockwave he creates when doing so to launch into the air and land a final attack to take care of him for good. Head on up the key staircase on the left to get to the finishing Scoreboard.