OddSock is the second protagonist of the LittleBigPlanet 3 games, He is one of Sackboy's friends in LittleBigPlanet 3. abilities to runs much faster than Sackboy can and slide and jump off walls.

Made from a variety of materials and excelling at every task to which they are applied, these plucky characters are prepared to embark upon any adventure one can imagine!

Basic GameplayEdit

OddSock is traditionally steered with simple gamepad controls: L stick to run, X button to jump and wall jump, Pushing L1 button up moves OddSock toward the background layers while pushing it down moves him closer to the foreground. Unlike traditional video game superstars, OddSock doesn't need to press anything to duck: he'll automatically lower his noggin as the situation requires!

Eventually OddSock's adventures lead him to powerups which may change how he moves or replace one of his standard actions. The Jetpack, for example, allows him to fly in any direction with L stick and increase flight speed with X button. The Paintinator, on the other hand, causes R1 button to fire projectiles and uses R stick to aim them. Depending on the situation, OddSock may be able to cancel these modifications and return to normal controls with C button.

OddSock expresses emotions using Dpad. Successive levels of happiness are displayed with Dpad up button, sadness with Dpad down button, anger with Dpad right button, and fear with Dpad left button. Arm motions are accomplished by holding R1 button or L1 button and moving R stick or L stick to wave the respective limb. The extent to which R1 button and L1 button are depressed also modifies how open OddSock's hands are. Swiftly moving an arm from one side to the other results in a slap, which can knock down other sackfolk and sackbots.

PlayStation Blog DescriptionEdit

“Then there’s Oddsock, who’s a four-legged character. He’s not quite a dog; he’s more… well, he’s just an odd sock! Oddsock can wall jump and wall slide, and is really fast. Once you play the Oddsock levels and start nailing your jumps, it’s really fluid and much quicker than the familiar LBP gameplay. It’s a very different experience – we didn’t just want him to be Sackboy on four legs, we wanted him to be his own unique character.”