Meerkat Bounce is a Minigame in The Savannah in LittleBigPlanet Story. You have to use a row of Meerkats like trampolines to reach Score Bubbles, but without hitting the burning coals. After while, large plants appear. These open and close to reveal their flaming tongues. They are difficult to avoid and spell the end for green players. Also, landing on the meerkats wrong may result in being smashed between two of them.

Loading MessageEdit

Bounce on the meerkats and avoid the fiery coals - survive and collect points for as long as you can!

First Speech BalloonEdit

Hey, no-fur, can you bounce? Survive and collect score bubbles for as long as you can before you die! Avoid the fiery coals and don't fall off the meerkats! Hit the red button when you are ready, hee hee!

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