La Marionetta

La Marionetta is the first theme of LittleBigPlanet Vita and its Creator Curator is Colonel Flounder, The land has fallen into darkness as The Puppeteer's Hollow minions have rampaged unchecked. With the Colonel's tutelage, Sackboy will learn the ways of a true Carnivalian and strike back against these nefarious creatures!


Main Levels


What a fun-filled world, sparkling with joy, laughter, and excitement! All sorts of thrills await you on the other side of these walls. Could such a magical and happy place as this ever change for the worse? [more...]

A Carnival On The Run

Colonel Flounder has just rescued you from a life of thrilling rollercoasters, bizarre sideshows, and the general pursuit of fun. The Colonel assures us it's for your own good though. And if these stories of an evil puppeteer are true, La Marionetta is the best place to start your hero training! [more...]

First Lessons In Loco-Motion

Colonel Flounder may seem as bonkers as a bag of chisels, but he knows how to train a hero! The first step is to learn the basics. Nothing too taxing. Just a little light jumping here and there. You will also learn one of Carnivalia's most secret tricks...the power of touch! [more...]

Swing-Bop Acrobatics

A slightly tougher test from your wildly-whiskered mentor now, as your training moves on to advanced acrobatics. Here, you will learn all about the greatness of grabbing and the swishness of swinging, while also finding some even cooler uses for the power of touch! [more...]

Flounder's Jump & Jive

The relentless march of Old Father Time has beaten many would-be heroes in the past. Colonel Flounder must have faith in you though, because, for this next test, he's got you jumping through hoops too! [more...]

Palace Of The Peculiar

As a dyed-in-the-wool Carnivalian, Colonel Flounder has a few tricks up his sleeve...some of which may turn your world upside down! You'll need to remember all of your training if you want to make it through here in one piece. Luckily, you will also learn a new touch power! [more...]

Piano of Peril

Piano of Peril
For this final challenge, Colonel Flounder has created a monstrous foe that will test your readiness for the road ahead. With lights dimmed, and bottoms on seats, it's time to face your toughest challenge so far![more... ]

Destination: Destiny!

Time to board Colonel Flounder's rickety old boat and leave La Marionetta for now. Let's see if there's any truth to the rumors of naughtiness and shenanigans taking place upriver! This has to be the work of The Puppeteer ... hasn't it? [more...]

Side Levels

Bonce Tappin'

Sackfolk are naturally curious creatures, and it's impossible to wrap their birthday presents when they keep peering out of the window at you! In this 1-player game, use touch to tap them on the bonce, and keep their prying eyes at bay!

Tower Builder

Tower Builder
What better way to channel your inner tower builder than in a game of Tower Builder! You can play online, or with your friends through shared screen play. Use your touch powers to build the tallest tower possible! Don't forget that you can rotate objects when touching them too!

Wall Or Nothing

Walls these days have no respect for anyone! In this survival challenge, you earn points for running or jumping into each wall's safe zone. Be quick though, or it'll be curtains for you!