Into the heart of the negativitron

Into The Heart Of The Negativitron is the final level in LittleBigPlanet 2. In this boss level Sackboy must defeat The Negativitron with the help of The Alliance members.

About This LevelsEdit



1st PhraseEdit

In the first phrase, The Negativitron fires a beam at the player. You (in a HamsterTron 2000) will try the hit the Negativitron's brains five times. Right after the Negativitron fires a beam, move over to the brain. This will minimize your chances of being hit. Once you hit a brain on one side of the Negativitron, another brain will appear on the other side. Once you've done it five times, you will proceed to the 2nd stage. Note that there is an easier way with 2 players. Each player will get on each side on the Negativitron and smash his brains when the brain on their side pops up.

2nd PhraseEdit

In this phrase, you will have to hit the Negativitron's brains, this time 4 times. You will bounce on bounce pads and grapple on the bottom of them. This may look like the easiest part, but it is actually hard because you might try to grapple a bounce pad that is too far away and fall on the floor and vaporize (electrocute) to death. When you get all of the Negativitron's brains, you will proceed to the 3rd and final phrase.

3rd PhraseEdit

In this Phrase, Negativtron will try to shoot the player in a pattern. First, it will shoot tiny lasers at you. Then, he will shoot two tiny lasers at a time. Next, he will shoot medium sized lasers at you. After that, he will shoot two medium lasers at a time. Finally, he will shoot four large lasers at you. Then, the Negativtron will try to crush you (if he does, you will die). Then Larry Da Vinci or Victoria Von Bathysphere will pass a cake to you to throw at the Negativitron's brains. If you miss, you will get a second chance to hit the brain. But if you hit the brain, you will have to wait until the cycle finishes again. You will have to hit the brains 3 times and then you will be in a no gravity area where you have to crush the final brain and you will have completed the game.


  • If you watch the credits all the way, you will get the Who's Who pin (secret pin).
  • An faster way to beat negativitron can be found in the 3rd Phase, but you must have at least two players. Throw player two at one of The Negativitron's brains. And so, the player wull jump on the two brains at once.
  • If you watch the Negativtron and the Alliance, he will show pictures of the crazed Alliance. Here's what the crazed Alliance looks like from his pictures.
    • Avalon: An agitated smile
    • Victoria: Nervous
    • Larry: Sad emotion
    • Eve: Psycho smile
    • Herbert: Scared
    • Clive: Sad
  • This is the second hardest level along with Where in the World is Avalon Centrifuge.