Casa Del Higginbotham
Casa Del Higginbotham

You've made it to Dr. Higginbotham's boudoir, at long last. Now you must find him.

About This LevelsEdit



Walkthrough Edit

You basically try to dodge meanies and fire throughout the level. The objective is to find Dr. Higginbotham.

Multiplayer Prize Bubble SectionsEdit

  • One x4 Area
    Each player will shoot at a water thing (continuously) until all of them are open and every player is shooting them. You will get some stickers.


Well hidden prize bubbles:

  • When you come out, do not go right, instead go to the left and you will get a new material.
  • In the area where you shoot the diagonal water things( in the light not the dark) you will see a little cutaway circle in the sponge. When you reach the second platform, go to the VERY back and go right and you will get a sticker.



  • Anchor
  • Butterfly Fish
  • Colorful Tortoiseshell Motif
  • Eve Doodle
  • Flying Duck---Large
  • Golden Horse Head
  • Green Brush Doodle
  • Impressionist Motif 3
  • Impressionist Motif 6
  • Martha
  • Oak Leaf
  • Orange Monkey Head
  • Pink Mouth Doodle Sticker
  • Rooster
  • Skullface Doodle
  • Snarly Bear
  • Stick Body Doodle Sticker
  • Toothy Face


  • Sycamore Seed


  • Green Sequins & Leaves
  • Knitted Folds---Yellow
  • Textured Grey
  • Gold Swirls


  • Bee Antenna

Level CompleteEdit

  • Costume: Vincent Leg Vines
  • Music: 'Sinister' Stinger 2

Collect AllEdit

  • Object: Feather Fan Brush
  • Object: Tap Object

Aced LevelEdit

  • Decoration: Beaded Leaf
  • Costume: Vincent Leaf Jacket